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Playing with Yoshio "Chin" Suzuki 1970 Animal House Band tour 1980 A couple of my guitars
The Animal House Band at the Roppongi Pit Inn 1980 1980 Jamaica 1978 (photo by Akira Aimi)
Jamaica 1978 (photo by Akira Aimi) Jim Beam advertisement photo session Jim Beam advertisement photo session
My father the pianist My father's big band 1950s My mother
My favorite grandpa With my Aunt (kakinoki) Yamada 1946 With my brother Motoaki - Animal House Band Tour 1980
Nakano Sun Plaza Hall 1973 On my dock 2007 On the rooftop in New York City - Late 70s
Sonny Rollins Band rehearsal 1973 First time playing with Sadao Watanabe (at Waseda Sai) autumn 1965 Tokyo - late 60s (photo by Tadayuki Naito)
Waseda Jazz Club Band with Tamori as MC (Daigaku Taikou Band Gassen at TBS Hall) mid 60s With Shirley 2006 (photo by Judy Kirtley) With Sonny in Japan 1973
With Sonny in Japan 1973 With T.M. Stevens (Animal House Band tour) 1980 Playing with Teruo Nakamura at the Needle's Eye (NYC) 1972
Playing at the Blue Note with The Bill Mays Trio 2007 With the Two Lips With Tsutomu Okada 1990
With Yoshio "Chin" Suzuki - early 90s Playing with Sadao Watanabe and Hampton Hawes at the Shinjuku Pit Inn 1967 (photo by Hozumi Nakadaira) My cat Taiho
With Sadao, Chin san & Murakami With Tony Ariga, Eiji Takasugi & Shinobu Mitsuoka at The Studio 2007 May 2008 Japan Tour

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